Simple tips to Manage Several Twitter Accounts

Several people have asked how I manage multiple Twitter accounts without going nuts. In a nutshell, I use some of my Twitter accounts as revenue streams for my various businesses. I tweet paid advertisements through my Twitter accounts and affiliate marketing programs such as the ones I feature on my different blogs.

I have around twenty and thirty Twitter accounts active at any given time. The way I use them is to tweet insight from my personal account and then have the other accounts re-tweet the things I have said. This builds followers for both my personal account and for my various business accounts. In total, I have about 20,000 followers on all accounts combined, but I only truly read the items published by those I follow in my personal account. I do admit direct messages from all my accounts, and those messages go into an Outlook folder that collects them for me.

I read the direct messages daily. Nearly all of the direct messages I get are spam or auto-bot messages (sometimes called circular or spinning messages) from people I have auto-followed because they have followed me. By segregating these messages, I do not need to waste valuable time reading through them while attempting to get to the good stuff. A software product I take advantage of helps me automatically generate followers for almost any accounts I would like to add. I charge some of my clients a small monthly fee to manage this for them.

Some latest developments make Twitter management both easier and more difficult at the same time. With Twitter lists, you can compile specific people you need to follow into a list and read only the posts from members of that list. I had been carrying this out manually. Now, Twitter automates this process.

In January 2010, Twitter began requiring third-party bulk applications to adjust their third-party interfaces. I have already been using Twitter Karma as my go-to application to delete those followers who do not follow me back. It is simply a manual process now, and it takes a bit longer, but it is still the quickest and easiest way to go.

I take advantage of a product called Tweet Deck to see what others are saying, to read direct messages, and to check out other people’s profiles. Thus far, it’s the greatest tool I’ve used and I’m running it on three or four machines right now. Tweet Deck is monitoring more than twenty different types of makes up me, which includes Twitter accounts, my personal Facebook account, several Fan Pages, and various Internet searches.

There are ways to use Twitter for generating some income, and some of these ways actually work with me. They could meet your needs, as well. A future article will explain how we do this.

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Women’s Health and Herbs – Where Am I?

The room seemed drab and not very well kept. It was a large room with three beds and I was put in the bed on the wall by itself, and across the room I looked upon the other two beds. They seemed almost dirty, although they were made up, and it was obvious no one else would be in the room.

The foot of each of the other beds was decorated, if that’s the word, with dirty silk vines and flowers, and on the trapeze frames over the beds it looked like carvings of snakes. As I watched, the snakes seemed to move, slithering back and forth on the metal bars, but not crawling off, just wriggling there.

A nurse came in, took my vital signs and asked if I wanted anything before going to sleep. She cautioned me not to try to get up by myself, but to push the button for a nurse to help me. Get up, I thought, I don’t think I could if I tried.

Then a chill of fear ran through me as I realized they had finally taken the catheter out just before the trip. I had liked having it because I didn’t have to get out of bed, but now, there was no escape. I knew that here, I would be forced to get up. It was something that filled me with dread, because I knew there would be pain. I hadn’t been out of bed at all yet, and now I knew the easy way of doing things was over.

As I tried to get settled for the night, the mattress felt extremely lumpy and there was no comfortable position possible. I moved the head and foot of the bed up and down in every possible position, but nothing worked. It was a terrible mattress, I finally admitted to myself. I probably wouldn’t sleep all night.

I lay there listening to the new sounds. It seemed rather noisy out in the hall. I realized I was right across from the nurse’s station and I heard occasional voices.

As the night wore on the noise got increasingly louder. Around midnight a young girl came in and checked my vital signs. Then it was quiet for awhile.

Suddenly I was jolted wide-awake by someone saying, “Shut up,” and then there was the sound of a slap and a female started crying.

Soon after, I heard the nurse say, i Do you let this kind of thing go on at home? Your wife is crying because she wants me to wait on her. That doesn’t happen here. They have to get up and take care of themselves. She refuses to.

Another Wild Night

Troubled sleep drifted in and out and the strange noises seemed to grow louder in the unfamiliar surroundings. The strange new room only flipped a couple of times and I managed to get it set right rather quickly.

I finally felt myself grow more drowsy and hoped I’d fall asleep. My sleep was interrupted by a group of three or four young kids who wanted me to play with them. They were jumping on the beds and asking me to take them somewhere. Next thing I knew we were in some huge building playing hide and seek. We hid, ran, laughed and a great time, until I was exhausted and found myself back in my bed with a lumpy mattress and the kids were gone.

I’m going to see if those other mattresses are any better, I told myself and I was suddenly in each bed, in turn, seemingly just by thinking about being there. I didn’t actually get up and walk to the other beds, I would just suddenly be there. That’s when I realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t real.

As I attempted to think myself back to my own bed, I sort of got caught in some kind of mind warp. I seemed to float down through the bed and the floor and found myself surrounded by huge, six-foot high washers and dryers. I was floating in an empty space about three feet by three feet with these huge washers and dryers stacked all around me.

I don’t like it here, I thought. I have to get out. I’m claustrophobic and I was feeling panicky. It took a few tries, but using all my will power, I was finally back in the lumpy bed once again, and this time, I was relieved and thankful to be there! I settled in as best I could and finally went to sleep.

At last, I thought it was morning, so I called Phyllis at her work. She said I told her how bad it was and that I couldn’t stand it. She managed to sidestep my pleas I guess, because they didn’t come and get me either.

The next night, I planned to try sleeping in each of the other beds and if one of the mattresses was better than mine, I’d ask to have them changed. I did ask them to switch mattresses, and they said they’d consider it.

When the morning light came into the room, I thought the room didn’t look quite so bad. It looked like someone had come in during the night and cleaned it up, put better beds in, minus the decorative factors, and had painted the walls a light blue. I marveled at how they could have accomplished all this without me knowing about it.

Container Gardens for Sun and Shade

Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, containers allow you to garden just about anywhere you choose. With container plantings, you don’t have to let the weather, occasion, or space requirements restrict your garden. Container gardens allow your mood and interests to dictate your planting design.

When planning your container garden, it’s important to select the right type of container and the right type of plants for the container.

To select the right container, just keep these ideas in mind:

Be sure the container is sturdy enough that it supports the soil, water, and plants throughout the growing season.

The container should be clean and free of any traces of leftover soil from last year. Using a clean container prevents the spread of plant diseases.

The container should always have a drainage hole in the bottom. It is important for the container to have adequate water drainage, so that the water does not collect in the container.

The container should complement the plants you intend to grow, but it should not dominate them.

Putting together a container garden is more like assembling a flower arrangement than planting a garden. For a successful container garden, the plants you select should provide height, foliage color, a cascading effect, and plenty of blooms to your container.

A variety of plants at your local nursery or garden center fall naturally into these categories. Some plants can even fill two categories at once. For instance, a leafy plant such as a spiky dracena or a tropical-looking canna, can add height and foliage color to any container. A small rosemary plant trained into topiary form can lend an element of height, as well. Shorter leafy plants, such as the silver-leaf dusty miller and brightly colored coleus, lend not only color but textural interest to any container.

Don’t forget about cascading plants; these creeping and trailing plants add whimsy and charm to any container planting. The plant that provides the leaf color can also be your cascading plant as well. A plant like this plays an important role in your container garden design. A cascading plant, such as English ivy, softens the space between the rim of the container and the plants. A trailing plant can also help solidify your container garden by linking it to the patio or porch where it is placed or, in the case of a hanging basket container garden, by drawing the eye down from the top of the container to the bottom. Cascading plants can also add a burst of color to your container as well. A creeping zinnia, such as the sanvitalia will fill in the space like a ground cover, yet trail gently over the edge of a container.

Sun-Loving Container Plantings

Sun-Loving Container Gardens

Expand your horizons when choosing plants and containers for a sunny spot in your yard or garden. Mix together flower colors, plant shapes, and plant heights to create a lush and abundant feel to your container garden. A bronze-colored dracena, for instance, can provide height and dimension to an impressive container arrangement. Some plants are natural sun worshipers; they flourish in spaces that receive sun for six or more hours a day. Plants such as the lantana, verbena, dianthus, helichrysum, portulaca, bachelor’s buttons, and geraniums thrive in sunny container gardens.

A variety of container shapes and sizes can also contribute to an eye-catching design. If your yard space is limited, your garden can be a composition of interesting plants and containers. Bright white containers lead the eye up to view the flowers and foliage. Neutral-colored containers blend in more easily into your surroundings, so that the plants, not the pots, dominate. Keep in mind that different containers will respond differently to sunlight. Light-colored containers, such as white clay planters, act like a white T-shirt outdoors; they absorb less heat than dark-colored containers, like green, keeping the roots of your plants cooler and moister. Wooden containers, like those made out of pressure-treated lumber, will stay cooler than terra-cotta.

Regular watering is essential to the success of any container garden, especially if the garden is in the sun. It’s important to remember that different containers will respond differently to watering. Soil will dry out more slowly in plastic containers than in clay or terra-cotta containers. Clay is more porous than plastic, therefore you will need to water more often for plants in clay containers than plastic. If you have a habit of overwatering your plants, you might consider using unglazed terra-cotta containers, since these will allow excess water to drain out.

Maintaining soil moisture is essential in a sun-loving container garden. Be sure to use a potting mixture that will retain moisture for the roots but allow excess water to drain. Peat-based soil mixes are especially good for this purpose. In addition, a mulch layering to the top of the container not only helps retain moisture but also lends some sophistication to a container planting.

The size of the containers also determines the amount of moisture that will be conserved. A deep container will dry out more slowly than a small container. When selecting containers, be sure to keep the size of the containers in mind. For small vegetables and flowers, the container should be at least 12 inches in diameter. For large vegetables and flowers, a 2 1/2-to-5-gallon container works best.

Shady Container Plantings

Shady Container Gardens

Container gardens in the shade don’t have to be boring displays of ferns and ivy. Select plants you like and create shade gardens in large containers by stocking them with a casual mix of shade-loving plants. Plants such as the calathea, caladium, New Guinea impatiens, bedding begonia, kalanchoe, and pink clover are just some of the many shade-loving plants available at your local nursery or garden center. When choosing your plants, just be sure to purchase those that like the same growing conditions, such as full shade or partial shade. For greater visual interest, group different types of containers together. Consider placing a container of mixed succulents next to a container of tropical foliage plants, or just place several small containers of pastel-flowering annuals and jewel-toned coleus plants together.

When selecting plants for your shady container garden, remember these principles of container design:

Use cascading or trailing plants and vines to drape over the edges of the container, allowing them to soften the edges.

Place a tall, vertical plant in the center or slightly off-center to give the arrangement height and dimension.

Choose bushy, fine-textured plants as filler plants in the middle of the container arrangement.

Create a color scheme–a simple combination of two or three colors works best in a container garden.

Combine and contrast fine-leaf foliage plants with bold-textured foliage plants for an eye-catching effect.

Combine and contrast silver or bronze-colored plants with green-leaf plants for long-lasting color throughout the growing season.

Container Garden Tips:

A large container filled with soil can be almost difficult, if not impossible, to move at a moment’s notice. You can keep a large container lighter by filling the bottom of the container with Styrofoam “packing peanuts” so that the container is 1/4 full. You can then add the potting soil to the remainder of the container.

If you have a large container in the sun, set it on top of a frame that has movable casters. Then, whenever the sun gets too hot, you can move the container to a cooler spot with ease.

A layer of pebbles on top of the soil in a container does more than just add a charming touch to your container. They prevent the soil from spilling out of the container when watering and they also act as a moisture-retaining mulch.

Yard and Garden Planning – Fun and Fanciful Garden Decorating

A stone sculpture. A rustic bird feeder. Time-worn wind chimes. Many times, these nonliving pieces in a garden come to mind after a garden is established. They become simple accessories to crowd into areas where there’s room. These pieces, however, deserve prominence and importance in a garden setting. By incorporating these elements into the planning of a garden, your garden will be both ornamental and functional.

Support structures, like trellises and lattices, gates, benches and stone walls give both order and definition to a garden. When marking the locations of your beds and borders, don’t forget about the placement of these items. As in the world of real estate, location is a priority. The site of the object is just as important as its integration into the landscape of a bed or border. Will a stone bench encourage visitors to sit and admire an ornamental shade tree? Will the angel sculpture overshadow a mixed tulip bed? Does a wire topiary form belong in the middle of a wild-flower garden? By properly placing an object, you can avoid having it look as it if was placed randomly in the garden.

There are no firm rules for incorporating objects into the landscape. In fact, relaxing–even breaking–a few rules of gardening can help you inject a part of yourself into your garden and help keep it from looking just like every other yard. However, it’s important to experiment with different arrangements to see what works best for your particular space. Here are a few tips to help you:

To create focal points, place objects where garden paths naturally come together or place them at the entrance or exit of a garden.

Position people or animal statues in sites that mimic real life as much as possible. For example, place a ceramic turtle on the brick edge of a walled water garden.

Benches, chairs and other enclosed structures, like gazebos, should be placed in areas of the garden that offer shade and a great view.

Of course, it is possible to allow too many items to dominate the landscape. Try to balance the large attention-getting objects with the subtle casual pieces that blend in with the plants. In addition, keep both the size of your garden and plants in proportion with the chosen objects.

There’s many options to consider when selecting garden ornaments. Just look at the list below:

Gates, trellises, arbors, gazebos, pergolas

Garden furniture

Fountains, sundials, wind chimes

Birdbaths, bird feeders, bird houses


Containers, such as pots, wheelbarrows and wagons

Statuary and art objects, such as sculptures, urns, carvings and stained glass pieces

Ivy-Covered Chair

When searching for items to add to your yard and garden, visit junk shops, flea markets, garage sales and attic sales. Collect cast-offs that look appealing. You might find a garden treasure when you least expect it. Plus, you might find a real gem somewhere that will give you an idea. We rescued this old chair, at right, from a garage sale and gave it purpose and meaning in the garden. By cutting a hole in its seat and inserting a pot festooned with climbing ivy, we gave this chair a new lease on life.

Topiary Shoe Frame

Art galleries and gift shops are also great places to find unique pieces, such as the topiary shoe frame, at right. We gave this object a shoe shine and polish by inserting deer moss into the wire frame support.

Don’t forget about objects that are already in your backyard. You can easily give them a new look with plants. The legs of your child’s outgrown swing set, for instance, can become a trellis for a climbing vine or two.

Check that attic and basement. Dust off something you sincerely love–something silly or sentimental–that you tucked away in storage long ago. Bring it into the light of your garden. You can do a lot with remnants of stately old gates or lonely building discards, like stone columns from a front porch.

How you choose to add ornamentation to your garden is your decision. But the end result is sure to be a fun and fanciful garden you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Many a Bump in the Road

All this travelling i’ve been doing lately has done some damage to my 4wd wheels. They were in pristine condition beforehand but now they are on the verge of popping from a minor bump in the road. I’ll have to get my car fully serviced to ensure the wheels are not the only area that needs work.

My air conditioner stopped working halfway through the journey which was painful on the particularly sunny days. Car air conditioners are an absolute necessity when travelling for long hours day after day, especially in summer when cool air is all you can think about! My regular mechanic did warn me that the car air conditioner hoses were showing signs of damage but I decided to risk the possibility of a malfunction. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson!

I found myself not knowing where on earth I was even with a map by my side. I could use the services of a gps navigation system on my next journey so I shall have one installed during the car service. It would seem unlikely that one would get lost when only travelling on main roads with ample signage but I managed to find a way! Voice navigation would also be useful so i’ll ensure I buy a GPS system with all the features available.

Somewhere along the journey while in a heat induced daze (thanks to my lack of air conditioning), I managed to lose my fuel cap while filling up. I’m always so careful to double check I have replaced it but, as I guzzled an icy cold beverage, it completely slipped my mind! Fortunately my fuel tank has a backup system which, while not being perfect, does the job nicely. There are sure to be replacement caps available, I may even buy a custom one.

In the not so distant future I plan to have my whole exhaust system replaced with a top of the range model. This will improve my engines true performance abilities as my current exhaust system is slowly disintegrating and reducing my car engines efficiency. It will be a huge job and cost quite a lot so I shall have to save up before this work is completed. Fortunately my friend is a mechanic and my fees are discounted to a much more affordable amount.

The tinting on my car glass has begun to bubble and peel off too. It is only affecting the side car windows so I should be able to continue driving safely for the time being. Things always seem to start breaking at the same time, It must be a universal car law or something. I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t spread to my other cars as the expenses are already stretching my budget.

Many things went slighty awry on that last trip so i’m hoping the next one on my agenda will be much more successful. I’m going to travel in my performance car this time with a full service completed beforehand. There will be a group of us travelling up north through the countyside enjoying the empty roads and fresh air so someone is sure to know their way around a map i’m sure. I’ve just had some neon lighting installed throughout my car and it looks amazing in the dark of night. If I do find myself becoming lost, it won’t be long until someone finds me and my blinding blue and green neon lights!

A few minor additions to my performance car are on the cards before we head off. They’re not entirely necessary but will make the journey that much more enjoyable. The first addition will be some new shiny mag wheels to glisten in the sunlight. Not the cheap ones you can buy at your local service station either, but the custom built, unique mags i’ve seen around. The second addition will of course be personalised number plates. I’ve been meaning to buy them for years but could never decide on a design. This trip is sure to be the best so far with no incidents destined to destroy my travel dreams.

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